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EMS coordination at Special Events

Thursday, 05 December 2013 09:19
Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals, and Public Health at Special Events

Emergency medical services (EMS) play a critical role in supporting security and public safety at special events. Additionally, hospital medical care must be adequately available if needed. EMS, and medical care should be a separate planning team, chaired by an experienced advanced provider (ALS) coordinating the medical response at special events. But the plans must be integrated into the overall security plan for the event. EMS agencies will have speciic needs at the event, such as stand­ by and staging areas for equipment, ambulances, and special operations vehicles (such as remote response vehicles); access to entry and egress routes for incoming emergency vehicles. Communications with critical event coordinators, security officialsHospitals should also be integrated into the overall security plan in order to provide critical information to these primary health care facilities on anticipated threats and attendance to the event. Public health agencies should be included in planning sessions to assist them in preparation for potential hazmat/WMD situations that may negatively impact the community.

MedEvent911 has been a leader in working with a wide variety of event coordinators and management staff.  We model and utilize the same command and control guidelines utilized by the top fire and EMS departments in the country.  Our attention to detail and ability to solve critical safety issues is where we become our customer's greatest asset. William "Dee" McCluskey, Director of Operations at MedEvent911, is involved in nearly every coordination meeting the company conducts, "My 30 plus years of EMS and Command experience, makes us a valuable resource."  

MedEvent911 is Arizona's leading special event medical staffing provider, utilizing professional and experienced EMT's and Paramedics all across the Southwest.

Contact our Arizona EMS Team for more information.
623-322-1908 or 877-811-6760

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