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About Us

MedEvent911's Medical Staff

The MedEvent911's medical staff includes paramedics, EMTs, physicians and registered nurses. All have extensive certifications in emergency medicine and are required to complete continuing education programs every year. All are licensed to provide Basic Life Support and/or Advanced Life Support as governed by their "Scope of Practice."

The staff configuration for your event, on-site standby, emergency response, wildland fire, or travel escort will depend on your particular needs. At MedEvent911, we believe that a client-centric approach to staff configuration much better serves your needs and budget than a one-size-fits-all approach. Part of our initial consultation will be determining the most effective staffing configuration based upon previous experience and event factors.

Whatever your medical staffing need, rely on MedEvent911 to provide caring and professional medical service. Call us to today to schedule a consultation.

MedEvent911 40+ decades of combined emergency medical experience

MedEvent911 was co-founded by William "Dee" McCluskey, who has worked for over thirty years in emergency medical response as a certified critical care paramedic, a flight medic, a firefighter, and an instructor. Medical Director Dr. Charles Finch also has several decades of experience in emergency medicine and trauma. Currently, the Management Team is led by Rod Prast, who also has over forty years in emergency medical response & 28 yrs experience as a firefighter, fire officer, a flight medic/Chase Rescue, Fire Inspector, and Fire Chief. Dr. David Glass, MD currenty oversees medical services at MedEvent911, and he has an extensive background in Emergency Medicine as a ER Physician, considerable publishing in research, and 15+ years US Air Force as a PJ and Flight Surgeon.  Our remaining 20 EMT and Paramedics have over 150+ years of experience in emergency medical care and transportation.

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