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Air Medical Escort

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Your MedEvent911 travel medical escort is with you every step of the way

For more than two decades, MedEvent911 has been helping travelers with medical needs. MedEvent911 flight-experienced medical travel companions or escorts – including paramedics, nurses, and physicians – have helped clients with medical concerns traveling around the world safely and comfortably for over a decade. We help our clients navigate domestic and international airports (where knowing the rules is absolutely essential), hotels, and restaurants in the U.S. and around the world.

Not every patient requires an air ambulance. And many other Air Ambulance companies don't or won't provide a medical escort service as an alternative. A Commercial Medical Escort is a very cost effective alternative to long distance and air medical transport. This service can save you thousands of dollars over the cost of a private chartered air ambulance. Your escort can be a simple travel companion or provide assistance with your medical needs during flight. 

The MedEvent911 travel medical escort will provide the proper medical assistance and equipment to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your journey. We offer lift and transfer assistance, oxygen, basic monitoring, administration of medications and basic hygiene assistance. If the need arises, your medical escort will coordinate your care with local medical service providers. There's no reason for your medical condition to prevent you from traveling – we can provide you with the necessary medical assistance for a safe and comfortable trip.

Rely on MedEvent911 to help you navigate around the world, and stay safe doing it. To arrange a medical escort for your future travel plans, call us today.

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